Don't need to be crazy to join in, ...but it helps !
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Don't need to be crazy to join in, ...but it helps !

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 How to post picture on the forum

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PostSubject: How to post picture on the forum   Wed 27 Jan - 10:21

Start by opening a "new message" or "reply"
See on the top bar above, the second button from the right:
If you just posit the curser on this button you see:
"Host an image"

If you clic on it a window will open up where you can download a picture or image. A second clic will close the window again.

When the window opens, clic on :
The first time you may need to enter an email addres and password.
Now you can search for the image or picture you want to put on the forum.
There are 3 way to do so but the best one is to choose for a
"Miniature" (first at the top) version and you'll get a picture of this size:

Then you clic on
"Envoyer" and you copy/past the line into the forum. At first you can only see a row of signs and letters but when you post the message onto the forum, the picture will appear. To check you can also first clic on "Preview" to see if it's the right picture and right size.

Have fun and good luck !

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How to post picture on the forum
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